Professor. E is a fictional designer’s clothing brand founded in 19XX. The story can be traced back to a prison record during World War II. According to the record, there was an anonymous political convict caught due to his revolutionary action who called himself as “Professor E”. Here’s a fragment of his profiled record: “He called himself as a professor who eagers for authentic truth. He believes in science but also indulges himself in Mysticism and eastern Buddhism at the same time. He has a strong tendency of Anti-Hegemony, kinkiness and is diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, making him have a love hate relationship for human beings. E claims that he owns a mysterious laboratory under the name “Relab” which is a reorganization of the word “rebel”. Having to share love for music and art, E has a strong sense of preference to what he wears. He claims that he is a noble of ideology.”

The prisoner left a large blood written “E” on the wall of the prison and hung himself only a few weeks later. The authority regarded him as a psycho during the time. However, after a few days they discovered that all of the documents and data relating to this prisoner have disappeared to thin air leaving no sign or trails. What was more astonishing was the strictly secured body of the professor and the blood trails on the wall had also vanished. This became an unsettled case and many people started gaining curiousity , which lead to many underground communities starting to share great interest of this case study. Accordingly to some resources , it is said that E's appearance was to be earlier then WW2.

Years later , traces of E's appearance can be found upon several anti-government revolution records across the world. In order to cease E's action, an international organisation was established to terminate E, which they call themselves as the "XXX". However , everytime when E was caught a series of strange and unexplainable repeated activities would occur as he would commit suicide and his body would vanish.

E's final appearance on the radar was 30 years ago. But, the XXX thinks E is still somewhere alive and is ready to strike and begin a cult.